I decided to put my whole heart as an architect into my business.


With a play on words, I would have liked to title this page Soulresolutions. Soul means soul, and here you can find my philosophy of work that also touches on that of life.

What fascinates me about my profession is the connection that is established between me, the project and your personal sphere; this project path or rather this experience that we will have together is an act of great responsibility, not only economic but also social and relational.

However, for the realization of the project, of my ideas it is necessary to have a bit of recklessness and courage and it is precisely these traits that distinguish me.


Studio di architettura ad Arezzo


A series of services that allow you to see your wishes come true.

  • Emotional design in Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Product design
  • • Project communication
  • • Cost/Benefit planning
  • • Bureaucratic procedures (we relieve you of all those practices that steal time and give little satisfaction)
  • • Coordination between project, marketing plan, communication plan and strategic psychology

I want to help you grow by creating a unique project, tailored to your needs; offering you a first class experience.
For this reason, I decided to include some marketing and strategic communication pills in my package for a month free of charge that will help us develop an incredible project together.

Architetto Roberta Galatino


Roberta Galantino.

Architect with a coloured soul.

I lived, I studied, and I was trained to become an architect in a complicated and fascinating city at the same time, Milan.
A context full of stimuli but with disarming speed. I have always run in search of my stability but now the time has come to: reflect, stop and help those who do not have the ability to make a change of course.

My work, through all my projects, will help you understand what you are now, what will happen during the creation phase, and above all: what you will achieve in the aftermath.

If I had to define myself with some Skills: Leadership | Listening Empathy | Organizational Capacity Problem Solving | Dynamicity