Architetto Roberta Galatino


Ceo – Architect

Roberta Galantino.

Architect with a coloured soul.

I lived, I studied, and I was trained to become an architect in a complicated and fascinating city at the same time, Milan. A context full of stimuli but with disarming speed. I have always run in search of my stability but now the time has come to: reflect, stop and help those who do not have the ability to make a change of course.
My work, through all my projects, will help you understand what you are now, what will happen during the creation phase, and above all: what you will achieve in the aftermath.

If I had to define myself with some Skills: Leadership | Listening Empathy | Organizational Capacity Problem Solving | Dynamicity

Being an architect for me is like wearing such a comfortable dress that you never want to take off.
A real passion that activates my endorphins making me happy. All this is possible when a splendid harmony and affinity with the customer is established.
The Teamwork leads to unimaginable results, to a unique experience of its kind.
Everything starts: from a first meeting with the customer, and then continues on a path of growth of his business idea which takes the form of an emotional/architectural project, becoming “today” an authentic act of responsibility and “tomorrow” a great success.
All this also thanks to an incredible team of professionals who support me where it is necessary to have specific skills, which do not belong to my job.

Ingegnere Giovanni Romanini

Giovanni Romanini


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